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At CARASA, we make every effort to work with leading businesses. We realize that developing partnerships leads to more jobs and a stronger domestic economy. We also share our expertise with others and learn from them as well. We encourage and support those with entrepreneurial spirit and work collaboratively with our business partners for continuous improvement.

Finance Advisory

Where is your organisation headed? Are you looking to grow or diversify through an acquisition or merger? Do you require capital or are you looking to list on the stock exchange? Is the best course of action to downsize and divest lower-performing assets? Or are you looking to exit from your existing business? These are the sort of questions we answer and act on every day. Let our highly experienced finance professionals help you throughout the business lifecycle

Financial Instrument Provider

CARASA is involved in the acquisition, management, and trading of several types of Financial Instruments. We also provide these Financial Instruments to clients in need of recourse collateral, non-recourse colateral or credit-enhancement.

We work directly with banks and providers of this financial instruments and services:

  • Insurance Guarantees backed by a bank
  • POF – Proof of Funds
  • Reserved funds
  • Blocked funds confirmed via MT 799 or MT 760
  • Bank funding commitments for project funding
  • Bank purchase orders
  • Buy and sell instruments
  • Guarantees for enhancement purposes

If you want us to fund against an instrument; We can work with any kind of negotiable instrument issued by an AA rated or better, W. European or North American bank. We can fund projects if you provide a valid bank guarantee against our funds.

Venture Capital

No matter how successful we may be, we never stop exploring how to improve our performance. We believe we can make a difference investing in innovation and entrepreneurship. this keeps us one step ahead in the energy business and ensures a brighter future for our company and those who rely on our products.

Carasa México represents a consortium of accredited investors including many of the world’s most influential and preeminent business people.
We invest in talented entrepreneurial teams, providing capital and operational support to make succesful start-ups.
Our team has founded, operated, scaled, and sold many companies, achieving extensive knowledge and connections with Internet and offline business. Along with seed capital and financial resources, we are committed to provide our full range of expertise, including strategic and operational input, transforming intelligent ideas into successful companies.

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